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Interior Services

CRI can help you develop the best strategy for your construction project. Our teams are experts at installing metal stud framing, drywall, acoustical ceiling tiles, and painting for commercial and industrial businesses to separate spaces or create a fire rating.  We have interior framing experience with all types of buildings and structures including, office buildings, restaurants, hospitals, banks, and hotels.

Benefits of Metal Framing:

  • Lighter and longer lasting than wood
  • More stable than wood, won’t twist, warp, mold or rot
  • Fireproof
  • Impervious to insect damage
  • Consistent higher quality

Drywall and painting services include:

  • Restoration
  • Framing
  • Installation
  • Patching
  • Repair
  • Replacement
  • Tape, mud and float seams

Need fire resistant drywall?

For commercial buildings, fire rated gypsum drywall is specified for most of the building walls and ceilings to meet building code requirements for fire partitions and assemblies.

While all drywall is relatively fire resistant, the 5/8-inch, “fire-code” drywall (called Type X) increases a wall’s fire rating to a minimum of 1 hour, from the 30-minute rating for standard ½-inch drywall. And it’s not just thickness that makes the difference. Type X has a denser core and contains glass fibers that keep it from crumbling in the heat.  As an added bonus, it also dampens sound transmission through the walls.

Looking for Acoustic Ceiling Tiles?

When attached directly to a ceiling or when used as a drop ceiling, acoustic ceiling panels and sound absorbing drop ceiling tiles provide effective noise control. CRI offers a wide variety of materials, sizes, and designs, acoustic ceiling tiles are an easy solution for improving the acoustical qualities of any commercial workspace.