ROMCO Equipment

Step #1


CRI was called in for a free commercial roof inspection at ROMCO Equipment in Carrollton, Texas after a recent hail storm and discovered a few areas of concern. 

First, we noticed the vent and pipe on the office building was aged and worn out and could soon result in leakages. Then, we discovered some minor hail and wind damage as well as some installation issues.

Step #2


Then, we briefed the property manager of all potential problem areas with photographic evidence. The priority for this roof was definitely the vent and pipe. Improperly sealed vents are often the causes of leaks in commercial properties.

Although we also found hail and wind damage, they weren’t needing immediate attention. Therefore, the property owner decided to move forward with the most imminent damage, the vent and pipe.

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Step #3

Scope Of Work

We also fully cleaned out the gutters of the office building. Gutters allow water to stream off your roof and safely flow into the ground without damaging your building or roofing system. When gutters are full, water isn’t able to properly move away from your building and can even settle on your roof, causing leaks or mold.

We proceeded by cleaning and preparing the roof surface for the vent and pipe repair.

Then, we removed the dated and cracked sealant all around the vent and pipe area.

Next, we properly sealed the vent penetrations with the recommended boots and roof sealant. This sealant prevents water from seeping into the roofing system and will extend the life of their current roof, allowing them to conserve money in the short term.


Step #4

Integrity Of Our Work

Since we are a GenFlex Certified Contractor, our clients have the peace of mind that all services are performed with the upmost workmanship and the highest quality roofing materials.

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Step #5

Project Completion

Lastly, we did a full sweep of the roof and the grounds around the building to ensure all debris is removed from the property and followed up with the property manager to guarantee all tasks were performed to their satisfaction. No project is complete until our property managers are 100% satisfied.

Unsure if your roof is performing like it should? Don’t wait until it’s too late. Schedule a completely free commercial roof inspection. Whether you need routine maintenance or a complete roof replacement, Commercial Roofing & Interiors has the experience and accreditation you deserve.